Steiner-Parker Synthacon

The rare and awesome Synthacon. Provided below are patch sheets for both the original MkI Synthacon (labelled Steiner-Parker), either single or dual voice, and the later MkII version (labelled Steiner) which had some minor feature enhancements.

Synthacon MkISynthacon MkII

Steiner-Parker Synthasystem

The synthasystem was Steiner-Parker's modular effort from the early 1970's. Extremely rare, they do exist but almost never come up for sale. If you have one, drop me a line and I can provide a patch sheet for you. I have modules available for both the early (silver panel) and later (black panel) styles.

Synthasystem (early)Synthasystem (later)

Steiner-Parker EVI

This seemingly simple device was revolutionary in its day. And being a trumpet player, it was close to Nyle Steiner's heart. Here by special request ... the EVI.

Steiner Crumar EVI

Other Steiner-Parker Synths

New synths from Steiner-Parker will be added shortly. Please drop me an email if you're after something you don't yet see on this page.