RSF Kobol Expander System

Offered here are patch sheets for the Kobol Expander, Expander II, and one with both. If you'd like a patch sheet including any of the other components of the system — Programmer/Sequencer, Keyboard Mixer, Patch Panels — please send me a mail with your desired configuration.

All patch sheet provide ample space for notes. Two modules fit comfortably on an A4 page, however if you'd prefer A3 size for greater detail just let me know at time of purchase.

Kobol ExpanderKobol Expander IIKobol Expander 1+2

RSF Series 11 Modular

RSF's Série 11 modular was first released in 1976. I can provide as complete a set of modules as I am aware were available, but there were some variations. Please email me with your configuration and I'd be happy to put together a patch sheet for you.

RSF Série 11 Modular

Other RSF products

If you are looking for a patch sheet for something else not presented here, please send me a mail.