I've paid ... but where's my stuff?

Given the low cost and low expected volume of this website I'm afraid I can't justify a complex e-commerce solution with instant download. All patch sheet orders are processed by hand. Once you complete your purchase, I will get an email from PayPal with the details of your order. I will then prepare and package the requested patch sheets and usually send them via email to you within 24 hours. Special requests may take longer. Be sure to provide your email address at time of purchase!

Why are you charging for something that I can get free?

It's true you can probably find free copies of patch sheets for some of these instruments on the web. But often they are low-resolution scans of bad photocopies of an original document that is 30 years old or more. Furthermore, they do not have the detail or look and feel of the high quality documents you'll find here. I have spent many hours working on each of these, drawing the layout, finding a good digital match for the original typefaces and matching the visual language of the original instrument in detail. If these patch sheets are of use to you then I think it is reasonable to be asked to be compensated for my work. I have tried to keep the prices here very affordable.

Why go to so much effort?

This is partly a labour of love for me. As a long-term synth-lover since playing minimoogs and prophets in the music shops back in my early teens in the late seventies, and as a freelance designer, this gives me an outlet to express two of my passions. But the detail you see here also has an instructional design element. A patch sheet that matches the visual language of your instrument is going to be far easier to relate to and orient yourself to than one that is highly simplified and abstract. I also believe this level of detail will be appreciated by anyone who loves their instrument.

Do I need a PayPal account?

No. You can pay with both credit and debit cards at the PayPal checkout. I use PayPal as a convenient and cheap way of setting up a highly secure e-commerce solution. Given the low pricing here and the expected low volume of sales it does not seem financially viable to go for a more complex solution.

The graphics are too small!

I try to fit most smaller synths onto an A4 page. This way it is convenient for most people. My guideline is that a 1/4" jack graphic should not be less than 5mm in width when printed at the correct page size. But the content is 100% vector graphics, and the beauty of the pdf format is that it stores those vectors so the document can be scaled to any larger size while retaining all detail. If you think the detail is too small, feel free to scale the page up to a larger size with your printer. But I always welcome feedback, and if you believe the format should be changed, please let me know. I'd be happy to provide you with another size and such feedback will improve the offerings on these pages for everyone.

Why A4 and A3? Why not US Letter?

The ISO 216 standard is used in almost all countries of the world, with the US and Canada being perhaps the only exceptions. I've therefore chosen this standard to be suitable for the widest audience. The documents should easily scale to fit your paper, but if you'd like a different paper format, or with different margins, just let me know at time of purchase and I'd be happy to change it for you. I will always provide US Letter upon request.

I don't see my synth here. Can you make a patch sheet for me?

Yes, absolutely! So long as it is a vintage analogue synth (pre-1982) or similar with no memory, and I have a good reference image to work from, I can probably make a patch sheet for you. I'm adding new patch sheets all the time so if something isn't here it probably just means I haven't gotten around to it yet. Another reason I might not have produced a patch sheet yet is because I do not have a good high resolution reference image of the instrument to work with. If you have a rare synth you want a patch sheet for and a reference image is something you can help me with then the patch sheet is free!

Can I request something different at time of purchase?

Yes. For something completely different to what's shown, or for any large changes, it's usually best to drop me an email first to check whether it's possible (and to check the price). But if you just want a small tweak such as a change in paper size, or a minor variation you can leave a note in the "Message to seller" section at the Paypal checkout. I'm only too happy to oblige if possible.

There's a problem with my patch sheet. What do I do?

While I've made every effort to ensure accuracy and usability, it's possible you may notice an issue with a patch sheet from time to time. There may be some inaccuracy where it doesn't match the original instrument, or you're having issues reading it or printing it. If any of this happens do get in touch with me. I'm only too happy to get feedback that improves this site for all, and I would like you to be satisfied with your purchase.

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The logos and brands of the various synthesizer manufacturers represented on these pages and in the patch sheets are used solely for authenticity, and in a well-meaning representation of the original instruments. No claim is made by the owner of this site to represent these companies or their products, and no attempt is being made here to trade upon these brands.