Crumar Spirit

Crumar's most famous and prolific monosynth. Here's a patch sheet for the dual-oscillator Spirit.

Crumar Spirit

Crumar 'DS' Series

Crumar's "Digital Synthesizer", actually analogue with two DCO's, was released in two versions in 1978. Both had two digitally controlled oscillators, dedicated VCF and VCA envelopes and extensive modulation routing. The DS-2 added a second LFO and a polyphonic string section. Patch sheets for both below.

Crumar DS-1Crumar DS-2

Crumar Trilogy/Stratus

Crumar's Ensemble synths, released in 1982. Though the Trilogy did have patch memory, only one location was user-programmeable. These synths survived the early days of FM synthesis and Midi that killed many of their competitors, so both are worthly inclusions here.

Crumar TrilogyCrumar Stratus

Other Crumar products

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