Sequential Circuits Pro One

Sequential Circuits legendary monosynth. About 10 thousand of these were sold world-wide, and while like several other classic vintage analogs there is a V-synth plugin available, there's nothing quite like the real thing! Grab a patch sheet for yours here.

Sequential Circuits Pro-One

SCI Prelude and Fugue

Patch sheets for the rebadged Siel polyphonic ensemble synths released by Sequential Circuits in the early 1980's.

SCI PreludeSCI Fugue

Other Sequential Circuits Synths

I'm currently only providing a patch sheet for the Pro-One as it was Sequential's only true synth without any patch memory, along with the ensemble synths. The Prophet-5, Prophet-10, Prophet-T8, Prophet-600 and Six-Trak (to name a few) all had patch memory. But if you'd like a patch sheet for one of these, or SCI's other products, please drop me a line.