EMS Synthi A/AKS

Differences in the panel between the Synthi 'A' and the 'AKS' were minimal and largely cosmetic - the keyboard (K) and sequencer (S) of the AKS were in the lid. The major difference was the addition of the 'Prestopatch' socket, but this also appeared on later Synthi A's. Even so, for the purist I present here a patch sheet for both. Minor variations were still abundant. Just ask me if you'd like an exact match for your instrument.

Each patch sheet has ample space for patch notes, but if you would like a larger size let me know at time of purchase and I can provide you with an A3 version.

Synthi 'A'Synthi 'AKS'


Perhaps one of the most recognizable and sought-after synths ever. Find below a patch sheet for the original MkI "Putney" VCS3 from 1969, as well as one for the later MkII "Synthi" VCS3 from 1973. The MkII had the coloured knobs, added the prestopatch and rearranged the patch matrix, but was otherwise identical to the original. Incidentally, there is an error on the original panel of the MkII instruments — if anyone can tell me what that is they can have the patch sheet free of charge.

VCS3 MkI "Putney"VCS3 MK II "Synthi"

EMS Synthi E

There appears to be several versions of the Synthi E around. I've spotted points of difference ranging from minor cosmetic details to major changes or omissions. Below I present two versions, an original white panel Synthi E, and the later yellow panel Synthi E, each in their most common form.

If you'd like to be certain you have an exact match for your instrument, drop me an email and I will send you a list covering the major variations I've seen so you can match your Synthi-E.

Note: If you order Version 2 I'll send you a version where I've dropped the black background to help save you printer ink, in addition to that shown below.

Version 1Version 2

EMS Studio Gear

EMS also produced a range of signal processors and other studio gear during its time. Well regarded among these were their range of vocoders, so by special request here is a patch sheet for the EMS Vocoder 2000. Three versions of this model were produced over the years. This patch sheet is for the most popular version 2 (silver-faced) 2000.

Vocoder 2000 v2

Other EMS Synths

Email me if there is something you are after that is not found on this page.