PPG 1002/1020

Well before the famous Wave, PPG had an analog monosynth. Here is a patch sheet for that now rare synth, the PPG 1002, and its digital oscillator followup, the 1020.

PPG 1002PPG 1020

PPG Series 300 Modular

Palm Products Group (PPG) developed this, their third modular synth, after legal issues with Moog regarding the design of their first, the series 100. I can provide a complete range of modules to match your PPG 300 system. Please email me with your configuration and I'd be happy to put together a patch sheet for you.

PPG Modular

Other PPG products

PPG did produce a couple of early analog synths before heading into the digital/sampling world. Look out for these to be added to this page in time. If you want something not presented here, please send me a mail.