Arp Odyssey

The Arp Odyssey was released in three versions — the Mark I (whiteface), the Mark II (black with gold lettering), and the Mark III (newer black and orange styling). In addition, some Mark II's were fitted with the Proportional Pitch Control (PPC), replacing the older pitch bend knob. Patch sheets for all four are below.

Odyssey Mk IOdyssey Mk IIOdyssey Mk II w PPCOdyssey Mk III

Arp Axxe

Here are both the Mark I and Mark II Axxe. Choose the version that matches your instrument.

Axxe Mk IAxxe Mk II

Arp Avatar

The synth that nearly killed the company.

Arp Avatar

Arp Solus

The less common but interesting dual-oscillator Solus.

Arp Solus

Arp 2600

No less than eight versions of Arp's best-selling and deservedly-coveted 2600 synthesizer were produced between the years 1971 and 1980. Cosmetically, however, they appear as three versions commonly referred to as Mark I, Mark II and Mark III. Here I have provided all three: the Tonus logo (Mark I), the Arp logo (Mark II) and the Black/Orange (Mark III) versions.

2600 MkI2600 MkII2600 MkIII

Other Arp Models

If you don't see your instrument represented here, or would like a configuration other than those provided, I'd be happy to create a patch sheet for your requirements. Just send me an email and I'll provide you with an estimate. And yes, I can provide the 2500! (Email me with your configuration)

Arp 2500