Korg Mono/Poly and Polysix

Korg's wonderful 4-VCO Mono/Poly synth from 1981, and its sibling the Polysix.

Even though the Polysix had patch memory and tape backup, I am including the patch sheet here by special request. After all, who wants to be fiddling with audio cassettes in this day and age?


Korg MS-Series

Here are the three major members of the Korg MS-Series — MS-10, MS-20 and MS-50. I've also now added the signal processor boxes MS-02 and MS-03 by request. If you're looking for a patch sheet for something else not shown here, please drop me a line.


Korg MiniKog 700/700S

Korg's early "mini" monosynth, both the original 700 and the later 700S. The patch sheet for the 700 includes room for recording two patches on the one sheet.

MiniKorg 700MiniKorg 700S

Korg MaxiKorg 800-DV

Korg's Dual-voice monster, two 700S monosynths in one. These were released originally with the Univox MaxiKorg label, then later as part of Korg's own stable of instruments with the "Synthesizer Korg" label. Patch sheets for both are provided here so you may choose the one that matches your instrument.

Univox MaxiKorg 800DVKorg Synthesizer 800DV

Korg Micro-Preset M-500/M-500SP

The "micro-preset" was originally released as the M-500 in 1977. A later version, the M-500SP had a small in-built speaker. Since the differences in the panels were only cosmetic (the sections on the SP had filled colours while the standard model had white outlines), one patch sheet here suits both models.

Micro-Preset M-500/M-500SP

Korg 770

The early (1976) dual-oscillator, dual-LFO, dual-filter monosynth from Korg. A relatively scarce beast, with patch sheets even rarer. Provided here are two versions, one for instruments labeled "Korg 770" and another for instruments labeled "Synthesizer Korg" on the front panel.

Korg 770 LabelSynthesizer Korg Label

Korg Preset 900PS

Korg's 27-key preset synthesizer from 1975.

Korg 900PS

Korg Ensemble Synths

Korg's Greek letter Organ, String & Brass synths—the Delta, Lambda and Sigma. These patch sheets are delivered in A4 format, but may be easier to use if scaled up (especially the Sigma and Lambda). If you would prefer an A3 version, please let me know in the "note to seller" field at time of purchase.

Korg Delta DL-50Korg Lambda ES-50Korg Sigma KP-30

Korg X-911

Korg's MS-era Guitar Synth simply took a standard 1/4" instrument input. No dedicated controller required. This patch sheet shows all patch points, both front and back, to allow you to record your unique setup.

Korg X-911

Korg PS-Series

The groundbreaking true-polyphonic synth series from Korg. While the PS-3200 did in fact have patch memory, I have provided a patch sheet here for it simply to complete the set.

NB: These are large, A3 format.


Other Korg Models

If you own a vintage Korg you'd like a patch sheet for but don't see your instrument listed here, please get in touch. I am always happy to consider requests.