Moog Minimoog

The Minimoog patch sheet comes in three variants — R. A. Moog minimoog (1970), Musonics minimoog (1971), and Moog Music minimoog (1972-1981) — enabling you to choose the variant that exactly matches your instrument.

R. A. Moog minimoogMusonics minimoogMoog Music minimoog

Moog Prodigy

Only one version of the Prodigy. Were you expecting more?

Moog Prodigy

Moog The Rogue

Here is a patch sheet for the Moog 'Rogue' from 1981, Moog's cut-price version of the Prodigy — or a keyboard version of the Taurus II bass pedals depending on your perspective!

Moog Rogue

Moog Micromoog and Multimoog

A patch sheet for the 1975 Micromoog and its later, larger sibling the Multimoog.

NB: The Multimoog patch sheet is large, A3 format.


Moog Sonic Six

The classic suitcase synth.

Moog Sonic Six

Moog Liberation

The Liberation was certainly not the first keytar to hit the market, being released in 1980, but it may still be the coolest. This patch sheet includes both the main synth panel and the performance controls on the neck.


Moog Opus 3

Moog's surprisingly interesting ensemble synth, with organ, brass and strings.

Opus 3

Moog Single-Cabinet Portable Modulars

Here are all the single-cabinet portable systems from 1968 (model 10), 1973 (model 12) and 1974 (model 15). The model 12 was basically a model 10 with the newer 921-series oscillators.

Model 10Model 12Model 15

Moog 1974 Studio Modulars

Here are the Moog 35 and 55 systems, the last factory modulars produced by Moog in 1974.

NB: These are large, A3 format.

Model 35Model 55

Moog 1969 C-series and P-series Modulars

I can offer patch sheets for the complete range of Moog Catalogue systems from the 1969 range. This includes the IC, IIC, and IIIC studio systems as well as the IP, IIP and IIIP portables. These can be provided with or without the sequencer complements (A or B). Email for pricing.

Moog Custom Modulars

The majority of modular systems sold by Moog were not sold off catalogue, but to customer specification. If you would like a patch sheet in a particular configuration to match your instrument, please email me. As long as your system is composed of standard Moog factory modules I will be able to produce a patch sheet for you. I will provide a quote before I begin work, but please use the pricing on the factory systems above as a guide. Add $1 for the sequencer complement. Some earlier systems (1967 modules) are also available.


Moog Rack-mounted signal processors

See the dedicated Moog Rack Effects Units page for items from the 1978-1980 series of effects units and signal processors. Provided here by special request.