Roland Rack Series (1979)

Roland's 1979 series of rack-mounted effects units included the SVC-350 (a rack-mounted version of the VP-330 vocoder) as well as the SRE-555 (rackmounted RE-500) and SPV-355 pitch-voltage synthesizer. A total of 13 components comprised the system.

Excluding the two power amplifiers, I can offer the remaining eleven in patch sheet format arranged for your configuration. Up to 6U (3 components) will fit comfortably on a single A4 page. From 8U (4 components) to 16U (8 components) can be delivered in A3 format. Select the number of components you require below and let me know in the "comment to seller" field at time of purchase which you would like and how you wish to have them arranged (top to bottom). Pricing is $2.49 + (n/2) where n = total number of components.

NB: The SRE-555 takes the space of 2 other components. If you include the SRE-555 then reduce by one the total number of components you can fit on one sheet.

Roland Rack x 1Roland Rack x 2Roland Rack x 3

Roland Rack x 4Roland Rack x 5Roland Rack x 6Roland Rack x 7Roland Rack x 8

Roland RSS Series (1979)

Roland's RSS series of rack-mounted effects consisted of four units: The RV-800 Stereo Reverb, the PH-830 Stereo Phaser and two Graphic Equalizers, the GE-810 and GE-820.

Choose a single patch sheet for the item you require, or select the "2-up" option to receive two units on one A4 page (please specify which at time of purchase).

RV-800GE-810GE-820PH-830'2-up': Two units per page

Other Roland models

See the main Roland page for other synths from this manufacturer. Or send me an email if you have any questions about the Roland Rack series.